10 Most Amazing Discoveries From WWII

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From lost fallen planes to bombs sitting off of Florida’s coast for years, here are 10 incredible finds of World War II.

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10. ME 109 Messerschmitt Plane
When 14-year-old Danish student, Daniel Rom Kristiansen, was doing some research for a project, he stumbled upon an amazing discovery! He had to do an assignment on WWII, so his dad suggested they look for artifacts on the fields of their farm. Daniel had grown up with his grandfather’s stories from WWII but some were true and some weren’t!

9. Hidden Battlefields
All over Europe, the remnants of long-ago battlefields lie in wait for archaeologists to uncover. For years, they’ve remained untouched, but they’re a treasure trove of information, archaeologically speaking. There are tons of spots for further research, such as bombed areas and supply reserves. Researchers are hoping that investigating some of these long-lost battlefields in northwestern Europe could help teach us more about German military strategies.

8. HMAS Sydney
When the HMAS Sydney, one of the most powerful ships among the Australian navy, was sailing in the waters around western Australia in 1941, it encountered the HMS Kormoran. Sadly, the Sydney was under the impression that the Kormoran was a Dutch freighter, so it trusted its appearance. But then, once they got close, the Kormoran opened fire. It was actually a German raider. Both ships were sunk in the ensuing battle, but most aboard the Kormoran survived the attack.

7. YP-389
The story of the YP-389 didn’t end well, but it is a reminder of the desperation and brutality that comes about during wartime. In the beginning of 1942, most of the Navy’s ships were moved to the Pacific front of the war, but this left the Atlantic coast wide open to attack from German U-boats. Since all of their good ships were stationed elsewhere, the Navy tried to make do with what they had.

6. Desert Training Center
Did you know that the largest training ground in the history of warfare was in the United States. Located in the Mojave desert, the Desert Training Center (DTC), also known as the California/Arizona Maneuver Area, was the training spot for some one million soldiers in between 1942 and 1943, preparing soldiers for WWII

5. Plutonium
In 2004, crews responsible for cleaning up nuclear waste in Hanford, Washington uncovered the remains of a rusty safe lodged in a trench. When they opened it up, they found that there was a gallon sized bottle which contained the remnants of weapons-grade plutonium. Even though it’s only a small amount, it could do serious damage.

4. WWII Bombs
Despite having come to an end more than 70 years ago, the consequences of the Second World War can still be seen around the world. There are countless artifacts, such as planes, ships, tanks and all kinds of things left hidden and forgotten underground or in the sea. More recently some of the many bombs that were unaccounted for have been washing ashore.

3. Plane Crash
Students from Winchester University in England recently found the remains of a Hawker Hurricane fighter plane in the middle of a field! Even though the Hawker Hurricane was eventually overtaken by the Submarine Spitfire in the public eye, the Hawkers were actually responsible for about 60 percent of the damage inflicted on the German’s air fleet, the Luftwaffe.

2. Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon
Located in Micronesia, Truk Lagoon (also known as Chuuk Lagoon) is home to one of the world’s largest ship graveyards from WWII. In an attack known as Operation Hailstone, the Allies launched a surprise attack on one of Japan’s largest naval bases for 3 days. Over 60 Japanese ships were sunk along with 275 airplanes and many of the wrecks are perfectly intact.

1. Air-Raid Shelters
Before World War II began, British officials took steps to install air-raid shelters underneath the ground – they were pretty afraid of the air raid tactics that the Germans and Italians had utilized in the Spanish Civil War. And clearly, the British were thinking ahead.

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